Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rick Perry 1

Oh my!  As you can see, I have a feeling this is a subject we will be returning to many many times before the man disappears in to the obscurity he so richly deserves.  Where to start??  A man who has changed his 'public' persona several times to better meet the criteria of the power brokers who are running him, and running him for election.  Once a moderate on gay marriage and abortion, now vehemently opposes both of them, to the point of wanting to force thru an amendment to the Constitution!  AND that is another point.  Appearantly, Rick seems to have the opinion that as President, he has the carte blanche to make changes to the very frame work of our freedoms, at his whim!!  He has written (and this appears to make it holy writ) that the congressional checks and balances of the Constitution are not working for him, and he wants to add some amendments and retract others.  He would further remove some of the protections guaranteed, such as the appointment of judges and add an opportunity to override the Supreme Court.  Lets see, first we would make the judges basically another election(look how well that is working in congress!  Judges that are concerned about their jobs will truly be an asset to protection our freedom, wont they?)  Then, the congress, the guys so concerned about posturing and making points for their 'side' they allowed the country to teeter on the edge of insolvency until our credit rating was downgraded!, the congress will have the opportunity to override a Supreme Court decision, because they don't like it!  Really.  A mob of men who have no connection to the populous they supposedly serve, who appear to be bought and paid for by special interest groups, will have the ability to override the courts.  Where will we find justice or any semblance of it?  Probably in our own hands, since the courts will have to stop making hard or controversial decisions, because if they do, the Congress will just start overriding them until they have what thier masters' want as a 'legal' frame work to complete the rape of the American citizen!
Tricky Ricky would also take the election of senators out of our hands, transferring the duties to the state governors and the state legislators.  He seems to feel, direct control of the senators would make them far more biddable to the wishes of those who control the state governments.
What a wonderful candidate to consider!  And this is only the beginning!  I will have more to say as things develop.

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